Wednesday, 11 November 2009

November P.S and sorry

This is a big apology to Harrie Evans' sister who I met at the wonderful party and who of course  is called Caroline and not Clare. I am so sorry, Caroline, I really can't think how it happened, I knewk perfectly well. . My brain is turning to mush, from too much writing, that's the only excuse I can find. Not very impressive.  Blog followers, please look out for other non-deliberate mistakes in future and let me know. .  And Caroline, I'm very sorry again. 
Penny V


  1. Hi dear Penny! How are you? Well, I am just a 15 year-old portuguese girl who read one of your novels " Sheer Abandon" and I really enjoyed it. I was a bit sad because Ed became so lonely and I was thinking... Could you write a continuation of "Sheer Abandon"? Ed doesn't deserve what happened with Martha. Hope an aswer. With a big hugh and kiss to you, Rafaela.

  2. Hi Penny

    I don't know if this will ever reach you....looks like you might have de-blogged! However, here goes.......I have just finished reading The Best of Times. As someone who has a phobia about 'throwing up, being sick' and all matters related, and always tearing up and down some motorway or other, dreading exactly the scenario the novel describes, I would be telling a small fib if I said it was my favourite of yours, ever and I AM a huge fan and have read all your novels.

    You say that you had the hospital and the motorway with you in your study.......I, too, felt that I had them both with me in our Turkish duplex aptment where I read it, SO realistically do you write, always.

    Having got half way through the Epilogue,on our front garden terrace, I settled myself in bed, for what I confidently thought would be a pleasantly conclusive and vomit free few pages, to lull me into restful sleep. But NO! On pge 864 we have Lila with her stage fright, reportedly having been sick for the fourth time; staggering from behind the arena, even, after throwing up. And, then, finally, one last sickie from Linda on pge 877 as she staggers Alex with her baby news!

    Seriously though, Penny, you really do 'make me sick'...... Sick with envy for the huge talent you possess to engage your reader to keep turning the pages, however deep and thick those pages turn out to be.

    I have just completed my first novel entitled Indian Summer.......a tale of two committed Christian women, also married who meet up and, despite the terrible inconvenience and controversy that it inevitably creates, fall hopelessly in love with each other. I have tried to emulate your style a little bit, by alternating, very regularly, from scene to scene, without the risk, I hope, of anyone, least of all myself, completely losing the plot! There's every chance that I have failed miserably, as it was the very thing highlighted as a negative when the manuscript received its first professional critique. It's under consideration with an american publisher at the moment, having been rejected initially (needless to say!)by Headline, though with, at least, a handwritten comment which gave me some reason to be persistent and hopeful.

    Congratulations once again on another excellent book. Please keep them coming......quite literally, I should maybe emphasize, where you engage us, now and then, in explicit details of your characters' sex lives. But PLEASE don't keep them being sick!

    Kind regards

    Irene Tomlinson
    Poole, Dorset